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вторник, 23 август 2011 г.

Micro cell 2000 Nail Repair

Hi everyone
i want to share with you my experience with gel nails.
Nails with gel make your hands look more attractive.I was 3 years with gel , but when i removed my nails was horrible.

I removed my salon gel  nails 2 month ago and my nails are thin and weak and rough. 
I decided to try Micro Cell 2000. It is a nail hardener that claims to replenish your nails, as well as harden them and help them grow quicker. I use the "Matt" formula, which works the same as the regular, glossy one, it just looks satiny.
You are supposed to put on one coat the first day, another the next. Then on the third day remove it with nail polish remover (it says to use the Micro Cell one, but normal remover should do just fine) and repeat. You are supposed to do that for 2-3 weeks. After that, it is recomended to use it as a base coat once a week.
It is a milky white liquid in a square nail polish bottle with a long, skinny brush that works quite well. It contains 2% Formaldehyde (no discussions about the stuff. I know about all the issues concerning health, if that is an issue for you, I suggest reading up on it and decide for yourself if you want to use it), which is quite hefty. It is meant for weak and brittle nails, but if your nails are too thin (after removal of acrylics for example) it's recomended to use the "Light" formula, which has less Formaldehyde. (price 13-15 Euro)

I am on my 2th month  of Micro Cell and I must say, I am impressed. My nails feel harder and more resistant already, without beeing brittle

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Реших да споделя как се справям след отсраняването на гела. Да започна с малко предистория (ще бъда кратка) Преди около 3 години (ако не и повече) си сложих гел , не защото ноктите ми се чупеха , а защото когато ги пусках доста дългичнки те се завиваха като орлови нокти. Както и да е сложих гела бях възхитена от резултата , нооо реших да го махна и какво да видя. Ноктите ми бяха съсипани, на нищо не приличаха , издълбани , тънки.... Разбира се веднага се оплаках в един форум и ми предложиха да си взема Micro cell 2000. Останах много доволна ноктите не са точно като преди , разбира се  все още не са израснали , но имат голям напредък , не са издълбани , не са толкова тънки и меки . Ура

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