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петък, 19 август 2011 г.

OPI - Teenage dream

Teenage Dream has got to be the most ‘girly’ looking polish I have ever worn! The base is a ballerina-tutu pink, loaded with tons of pink micro shimmer and larger hexagonal holographic glitter throughout, flashing every colour of the rainbow with your hand’s movement. The formula is definitely odd though; very thick and seemingly in suspension format which means you cannot spread it thinly, but on the plus side, I found it easy to apply because it’s not runny.  It’s also hard to make mistakes with this, as both the colour and the formula are very forgiving.
Както вече разбрахте падам си по лъскавки нещица. Този лак също бих казала, че е един от любимите ми, с него няма начин да останете незабелязана , особено ако навън е слънчево. Нанася се много лесно , въпреки че имам мини варианта му , а както ви е известно те са малко по-неудобни за нанасяне.

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  1. this is so pretty, I can't wait to get this polish in my hands too! And your nails are very beautiful and long. ♥ And welcome to the blogging world!

  2. thank you Ivana
    yes the nail polish is awesome
    it's one of my favorites nail polishes


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