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вторник, 30 август 2011 г.


Good Morning Sweeties!

Hope you're all having a good day.
Another Catherine Arley lacquer to share with you today. This is number 806. It's an orange holo nail polish very easy to apply. This is two coats and I'm not wearing any top coat.
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I have to say it is not the sort of colour I would go for. It doesn't do anything for my skin tone. It.s not my color :(
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Добро утро момичета, 
ето отново съм с холограм на КА :) то на това хубаво слънчице е грехота да не се сложи холограм.  
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Цветът е оранжев с много хубави светлоотразяващи частици, но имам чуството ,че не е за мен :(
Просто не е моя цвят
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