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петък, 24 февруари 2012 г.

Every month i will do a Giveaway!

Hi girls
I have a lot of  questions about Catherine Arley holos
and I decide to do every month giveaway with Catherine Arley holos ;)
What are you thinking?

I added cool smileys to this message... if you don't see them go to: http://s.exps.me

10 коментара:

  1. *thumbs up*
    I wish they were more easily attainable...

  2. If you have so much many left for us, then as you wish! :) CA are really HTF so you'll make lots of ladies happy. :)

  3. odlicna ideja, bas bih volela da probam CA holo lakice :)

  4. I think it is a wonderful idea. There are several I would like to try.

  5. Много мило от твоя страна!

  6. Чудесна идея - имам 4 техни холограма и ги обожавам. За съжаление така и не успях да открия червения холограм и с удоволствие бих се наредила на опашката за него :)

  7. Thats great idea :) I know how much i wanted them until u sent me in our swap :) They are very beatiful.

    Im glad u like all nail polishes i sent u. U know u can always ask me for more swap :) I will be happy to do it again :)

  8. Bas lepo od tebe:) Ja zaista nigde nisam videla te lakice, a rado bih ih probala:)


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