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петък, 3 февруари 2012 г.

Opi The Show Must Go

Hi girls :)

today I wouldn't show my nails  :D
I present you one my friend from Bulgaria :) take a look :P


Hi everyone! :)

I`m Julia, but I prefer everybody to call me Uleto (it sounds so much sweet :D). I`m 18 years old and since one year ( :? ) I`ve got very huge passion and addiction about nail polishes.
I have known Nina for half an year or maybe more. She`s one lovely girl. Adorable :x! When she asked me to make a guest post (hihi, the funny thing is that I don`t have a blog at this time) for her platform, I was so surprised. Really surprised. Of course, I can`t resist to this proposal => the challenge was accepted. :D For my personality this means a lot!
So lets start with the essence of my guesting..
On the pictures below you can see polish which is very famous.. The lacquer is OPI The Show Must Go On.

I bought it yesterday and I can say that I`m totally inlove in this beautiful deep shimmy.
In the bottle it`s gorgeous. On the nails as well.

The Show changes dependig on the angles and lighting. You can see gold/orange/, pink, red.. I`m not a huge fan of duochromes, but this one tooks my mind.

 On fake light it`s look like much darker than it is, more pink than red maybe. When you look at your Show hands on natural light you can see the color explosion - perfect!

I don`t know why the polish reminds me for pomegranate... :D


The application was perfect. To get full coverage you need only 2 coats. Dry time was amazing.

The last, but not the least  - my favourite picture which I took:

Thank you, guys! Hope you enjoy my post! (sun)


The comparison is so yummy :P
if you want to see more of Uleto you can visit her album - http://www.flickr.com/uleto .
Thank you soo much for lovely post Ule :x

What do you think for this yummy manicure ?

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