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вторник, 24 януари 2012 г.

Nubar Baby Blue

Hi girls,

Today I showed you one pastel polish :)

The application was not nice, the consistency was very runny and the first coat really streaky.

Somehow the second coat attaches really well on top of the first one and at least the color gets even relatively easy.

Over Nubar I applied Nfu oh 40

Which variant you prefer only Nubar or Nubar with Nfu oh 40?


днес съм с един нетипичен цвят за зимата.
Нанасянето не беше никак лесно, самата формула е доста течна и оставя черти след себе си.

Добре ,че поне 2 слой поправи нещата.
Върху Нубар сложих ефекта на Nfu oh 40
Кой вариант предпочитате?

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