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четвъртък, 6 октомври 2011 г.

Catherine Arley 673

Good morning girls :)
 I'm back with another Catherine Arley today (673).

 It's a lilac polish with a subtle, scattered prismatic effect (which is most visible in bright light of course ). It was a dream to apply, this is two coats (no topcoat).

 I think it's truly gorgeous.

Добро утро момичета :)
тъй като се успах за лекции , реших да сменя лака (беше крайно належащо).

Като погледнах прекрасното слънце реших,че ще бъде грехота ако не сложа един холограм :P
и ето го :P

Цветът е много приятно лилаво , както винаги нанасянето е перфектно (удоволствие е да се работи с тези лакове).

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  1. NEED! Are they still available? Can you still get them? Would you be interested for a tiny swap? I'd love to get my hands on this one and 677 I think. :)

  2. yes they are still available :)
    no problem tell me which number you want :)
    this is my private email ;)

  3. hehe I love your cat in the first group polish shot pic, I have a black and white too, they are so adorable. Great nails!


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